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Our news letters are rather intermittent and concise, except when we have a number of suspected scam alerts in quick succession which we consider you need to be aware of. We are not into hype or wasting your time.

On those occassions when we have a large number of truly outstanding casino promotions, our news letter is simply a couple of lines with a link to the web page listing those promotions. As online casinos continue to proliferate, the competetion for new players continues to hot up. In the slower months, the new player deals now being offered by many of the well established and reputable online casinos were previously only offered by the shonks. After all, they could offer the most fantastic of deals because they either had no intention of paying you your winnings or their games were rigged so that you had only the slimmest of a slim chance of winning.

We appreciate that as each of us travels through life, our interests and hobies change. Consequently, if (when) you choose to discontinue this subscription, we honour your wishes and remove you from our mailing list.

Sincerely, Brian Osborne
webmaster at winnersrun.com

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