How to Play Craps

How to play craps? To learn how to play craps properly takes a fair bit of time and effort mainly because of the table layout and the vast array of bets available to the players.

Craps is played with two dice on a large table with walls about two foot high around the edge. When playing craps, the player throwing the dice is called the shooter. The shooter stands at one end of the craps table and has to throw the dice so that they bounces off the wall at the opposite end of the craps table. The number displayed by the dice when they become stationary is the number shot. The green felt surface of the table is printed with a grid and you place your bets on the appropriately printed area of the table.

Craps playing rules are fairly simple but it takes a while to get the hang of where to place your bets, all the betting options and to get used to the need to effectively back your first bet with a free odds bet to get the best odds in this game.

The craps game is a reworked version of the old British game of Hazard which was very favorable to the house. The reworked and renamed game now provides the house with a very small margin of only about 1.3%.

how to play craps

There are a vast array of bets that you can place in this game. Some of these bets are much better value than others. You should study the rules of the game as applied by your chosen casino very carefully before starting to play this game. It will take a novice quite a while to learn to play this game properly. Games move very quickly and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and choose all the bad bets without realizing that you are making bad choices. Check out and our craps bets to learn to avoid those bad bets where the casino's advantage can be as high as 17%..

To learn how to play the game check out our craps playing basics page. If you already know how to play and wish to sharpen your skills and inprove your winning chances, check out our craps winning strategies.

how to play craps

If your principal motivation for playing is for entertainment, you would be wise to choose another game. I had not played this game until fairly recently. Over the years, acquaintances who were novices to the game have lost substantial amounts of money playing it in a very short time.

For those of you who are serious about learning to lay craps properly , check out our Craps winning strategies, craps table layout and very importantly our craps odds and craps bets because there are quite a few sucker bets that you should never make!.

This has taken a while longer than we planned but to get this one right, we have had to call on favours from our friends who play the game regularly with varying degrees of success.

May lady luck ride upon your shoulder!

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Disclaimer -we promote only responsible gambling for entertainment purposes only. Never bet more than you can afford to loose!

We do not promote gambling in jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited by law. It is your responsibility to comply with the local laws of the jurisdiction in which you live. If you feel compelled to gamble, it is time to contact gamblers anonymous.


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