Cyber Stud Poker

In cyber stud poker (the first online casino poker game), you are pitted against the dealer who deals you a hand of 5 cards. The dealer's first card is dealt facing up. Using the strength of your hand and the value of the dealer's first card, you have to decide whether to increase your bet to maximize your winnings or to fold to minimize your loss. If you call and the dealer's hand qualifies, you will be paid out according to that casino's schedule based on the value of your hand.

Cyber stud poker

The dealer's hand must contain at least an Ace-King (so called pair) or better to qualify.

Casinos feature variations of their game layout and the way you actually go about playing it on line but the following is a fairly general overview of the game of stud poker.

cyber stud poker

Use the Deal button to start a new game of stud Poker.
Use your Call button when you think your hand can beat the hand the dealer will get. You cannot Call if you do not have sufficient funds to bet.
You capitulate when you press the Fold button and you will lose your ante.

Playing Poker is you against the dealer. You have to beat the dealer's hand.
At the beginning of each game, you are required to put up an 'Ante' which is another name for the first bet. This amount appears on the Ante box. To increase or decrease the Ante bet, click on the relevant Increase or Decrease button to change your bet size. You may use larger chip sizes by selecting the relevant size you desire from the Chip Size menu.

When you have set your Ante (bet), click the Deal button. You will be dealt 5 cards and the dealer 1 card, all these cards will be turned face up. If your hand consists of any of the poker combinations it will show which combination next to the cards dealt. You now have to decide to 'Call' or 'Fold', by clicking the appropriate button.

If you fold, you will automatically lose your Ante and that hand is over. If you 'Call' an additional wager equal to double the Ante (original bet) is required. This second amount is called your 'Bet'. The Bet is automatically deducted from your balance when you click the Call button. If you do not have enough credits to make the Bet you will not be able to complete the game. You must go and purchase additional credits before completing this hand. Once you 'Call' the dealer is dealt a further 4 cards which are then revealed to you.
If the dealer's hand does not have a rank of at least an Ace-King the dealer fails to qualify. If this occurs the game is over. Your bet is returned to you together with double your ante, irrespective of the value of your cards.
If the dealer's hand qualifies, it is compared to your hand. If the dealer's hand is superior, you lose both your Ante and your Bet. If the dealer's hand is inferior, you receive twice your Ante and you are paid out on your Bet according to the payout schedule. The odds for your hand are shown with the hand information displayed on the screen during play, and in the Payout Schedule
If both your hand the dealer's hand tie on equal rank, the person with the next highest-ranking card is the winner. In the unlikely event of an absolute tie, you get all your money back. The next game can start as soon the current game is over.

If you haven't got enough credits to make both the Ante and a Bet, you will receive notification that you have insufficient credits to continue playing. You will have to purchase more credits if you wish to continue playing.

For the ranking of poker hands, check out poker

Poker Rules

Like any other game on line Stud Poker has it own set of rules.
The Dealer must have at least an Ace-King to start. If the dealer fails to start, the player will be paid double his or her original bet.
The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. There are no wild cards.
Your wager (often called ante) will remain on the table until the game is completed.

Progressive Cyber Stud Poker offers side bets for additional payouts and progressive jackpots

In this game, you play against the house and not other players.

There is a good range of bets to suit both the social and more serious players.

When you have nothing in your hand you can “bluff” and if your lucky, the dealer will fail to qualify and you win double your ante.

When playing Cyber Stud poker, you should fold if you have less than an Ace-King combination in your hand. When you hold a pair, call.

When you hold an Ace-King and one of your cards is the same as the dealers up card, call.

Good Luck!


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