Roulette Winning Strategies

The simple answer is that no effective roulette winning strategy exists.

A number of roulette ‘winning' strategies do exist but without substantial assistance from Lady luck, you are likely to end up with disastrous results.

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The most common of these terrifying roulette 'winning' strategies are –

Martingale – Can also be applied to many other Casinos games – The crux of the system is that your strategy is to win at least one betting unit on each spin of the wheel, i.e. could be $1 or $1,000 etc, depending on the base value of your bet.

If your betting unit is $1 and it is the first bet and you win, your next bet is still $1, but should that bet loose, your next bet would be $2. If that bet looses your next bet is $4. Should that bet loose the following bet is $8. Now if you should loose nine consecutive bets your next bet would have to be $512. Should that bet be at even money, you will have won one lousy dollar. There is too much stress and grief in that system for me.

Mathematicians will tell you there is no such thing as luck in gambling. Now I can crunch those numbers and get correct answers so I assume I must be a bit of a mathematician, but if I have three or four consecutive loosing bets in any game I believe that my luck is out and it time to find another form of entertainment for a while. Seven consecutive loosing bets and you most definitely need to join me!

The Grand Marindale – Creates greater grief even faster if lady luck is not favoring you. The system works the same as before with the exception that you add one extra unit to the previously doubled bet each time you loose. Your 10 th bet will have exceeded a grand with the potential to win bugger all. If your 10 th bet looses you're down over two grand for a potential win of insignificant value.

The Pyramid or D'Alembert System – Similar to the previous two – It aims to win a minimum of one unit for each cycle of the game. The real difference is that bets are decreased by one unit each time you win. As an example, if your 4 th loosing bet is $8 or 8 units your 5 th bet will be $16 or 16 units. Assuming this bet wins, your next bet is $15.

Biased Wheels – i.e. a wheel which either as a result of manufacturing defects or wear has a perchant for stopping over a small group of numbers. An astute player who notices such an occurrence in a physical Casino has the potential to clean up big time.

Good luck with your search because with modern manufacturing and management systems, your search is likely to be fruitless, except in the most remote and undeveloped places. Back in 1873, Joseph Hobson Jaggers did just that and won $300,000 in 4 days before the Casino woke up and switched wheels on him. Not to be outdone, he found his favorite table with the unbalance wheel and went on to win a further $450,000.

Our System – We place three or four consecutive bets at odds of at least 5:1. If they all loose, we consider it is time to play another game because lady luck isn't riding the wheel for us today.

The Casino has a substantial mathematical advantage in this game. This is why if we play long enough, we will always loose. It is fun to try a few spins of the wheel. If we have a winning streak (and we all have these from time to time) it is wise to quit as soon as luck deserts us.

When luck is on our side it is possible to end up a big winter on the 35 to 1 bets! Good Luck!

In this game you need it!


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