Webmasters search engine top 30 listing secrets Exposed

Here they are, the professional webmasters search engine top 30 listing secrets exposed!

  • Before you begin, sign up with Scrub the Web to use their tools or buy Web Position Gold (I get no commission from either company.) The former provides a free service but the extras included in the subscription service make it truly good value and very educational)
  • think of a good descriptive title for each page (max 64 characters includes letters and spaces)
  • work out your meta description content (max 150 characters includes letters and spaces)
  • determine the key words (max 874 letters and spaces) you are going to use before you start to write the page
  • write the page to suit the keywords (this is bloody difficult if you want your prose to flow smoothly and sound intelligent)
  • use the keywords a maximum of 3 times in each of the title, meta description and meta keywords
  • make sure other words follow before repeating any word
  • use them in the body, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end and if you can
  • limit the page to about 500 words
  • properly written your percentage of keywords will be quite high
  • signup with Verisign for a Surelist Search Engine listing (gets you into Inktomi in 3 days and site respidered every three days so you can tweak your content and meta tags without waiting forever)
  • arrange as many relevant links as possible to your pages. This is very important for search engines such as Google.
  • make sure your pages work correctly in Netscape (AOL owns Netscape so it will not be long before the AOL browser is powered by Netscape)
  • write your pages in html and use javascript sparingly. Google is the only search engine that can currently spider dynamically generated pages eg. asp, php, coldfusion etc. This is extremely important if you want to get you pages to rank well in the major search engines.
  • understand the ninety ten percent rule of affiliate marketing (ten percent of the affiliate sites earn ninety percent of the money! That means ninety percent of affiliate sites earn nothing or continually cost their owners money.
  • I use www.7search.com to check key word popularity. It is user friendly!
  • consider using pay for position advertising
  • don't waste your money on search engine positioning services unless you have deep pockets. There is only about 200 search engines in the whole world. Anyone claiming to submit to more than that number is immediately suspect.
  • The key professional webmasters search engine top 30 listing secrets are now exposed! I wrote the rest of the pages in this site before I discovered how to go about trying to get a decent listing so you do not have to search for some pages to critically rip apart!

This site moved up to a PR of five and has fallen back to a 2. Why? I have far too many projects on the go at one time and I negelected it for about four months. I am back working at it now and expect to regain previous ranking in about three to four months. Google has also changed their ranking algorithm. Many profess to know the new formula but I suspect that much of what is being written is a regurgation of yesterday's formula.. The number of back links seem to carry less weight now and I suspect that they are now placing more weight on information extracted from Alexa. Otherwise why would sites that a few months ago had thousands of back links indexed now only have a few hundred of those links showing up in a google back link search? Only time will tell who is right!

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