Craps Odds and how to calculate them.

Craps odds and how to calculate craps odds are essential elements of the game that all players should be aware of. Craps odds are calculated by considering all the possible combiations that can be obtained when two dice are thrown.

As with with all gambling games, one must understand the odds. A die (singular of dice) is a six sided cube with dots engraved on each side which effectively number the sides from one to six.

When the two dice are thrown together, there is a total of thirty-six different possible combinations that can come up. This holds true for Monopoly and all other games where two dice are thrown at the same time. The possible combinations are set out in the table below -

Possible combinations

Looking at the table, we can quickly see that there is a one in six chance of a seven being thrown and that on both sides of the seven the chances of a particular number being thrown decreases as we move away from the center of the table (the 7), e.g, the chance of a 5 or a 9 being thrown is one in 9 and a two only has one chance in 18!. We calculate that number by dividing 36 (the total possible number of combinations) by the possible number of combinations for a given number. In the example, the possible of chances of a 5 or a 9 being thrown is 4 so 36 divided by four gives us 9.

craps odds and how to calculate the odds

Taking this one step further, the odds of either number being thrown is 8 to one against because it will come up only once every nine throws on average. That is the number will come up once on average and on the remaining eight throws on average another number will come up. That is why we say the odds are 8 to 1 against.

Now looking back at the table, a 7 is the most likely number to come up with six possible combinations out of a total of 36 possible combinations. In this instance, the odds are reduced a little to 5 to 1 against.

Looking at the table again, you will notice the number of possible combinations increases up to the number seven ( six possible combinations) and decrease after that point. To make it easy to remember, there is one less combiation than the number up to seven and count backwards from six decreasing by 1 for each number until you get to 12 which which has only one possible combination.

Now that you understand the odds, you are in a better position to calculate the casinos advantage for a given bet. To checkout which bets are bad for you the player and which are good for the casino check out craps bets wagers and terminology and craps basics craps basics

The same odds apply regardless of whether you play online or at a land based casino. You may gain a little false confidence at the land based casino depending in your belief in your skill or ability to manipulate the fall of the dice when playing as the shooter!

Good luck!




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