Craps winning strategies

all require us to concentrate on those craps bets where the house has an advantage of less than 2%, play aggressively whilst we are winning and reduce our bets or stop playing as soon as a loosing streak starts.

Our craps winning strategy is to bet as right bettors and restrict our bets to the pass line, come and free odds bets. We bet in three units or multiples there of so that we can take advantage of the special free odds given when the point is a 6 or an 8 and when it is a 5 or a 9.

We place pass line and come bets keeping two points in play. When the shooter sevens out, our bets are lost and we must start again. It is the continual use of the maximum permitted free odds bets that allows us to win using this basic strategy.

A more aggressive strategy is to try to keep three points in play. When three points are in play and backed by the maximum free odds bets, we stop betting until one of the points goes out of play or the shooter sevens out.

There are more aggressive strategies that require you to play more points or double your minimum bet say from three units to six units.

The double odds game lowers the house advantage slightly, but requires much larger bets on the free odds bets which allows us to both win and loose a lot more..


It is wise to remember that this is a game that moves fast and you can loose a large amount of money just as quickly as you can win it. To correctly manage your money, it is essential that you only increase your bets when the shooter is "hot" and you are substantially ahead and to decrease your bets as soon as the shooter goes off the boil. In this way you will only loose a relatively small part of your winnings.

When a new shoter comes out, it is wise to revert ot your minimum bet until you see how the shooter performs.

As soon as you start to loose, it is essential to either reduce your bets back to your minimum bet and if it turns into a loosing streak, quit whilst you are still ahead or at least take time out. If the loosing streak continues, quit.

The wrong bettors can use the same basic strategy with a few modifications. Bets are in multiples of two units because of the way the odds are calculated for wrong bettors.

When a seven is rolled, the right bettor sevens out on the point and come bets but for the wrong bettor it is a winner. When a point is repeated (a loss for wrong bettors) they only loose that bet as opposed to the right bettor loosing all bets when the shooter sevens out.

The wrong bettor makes a two unit don't pass and don't come bet until bets are placed on two points and then places the maximum permitted free odds bet on each of those points.

When the point repeats, the wrong bettor only looses that bet and only has to make one more don't pass or don't come bet and place the maximum free odds bet to keep two points in play. If a second point repeats, the wrong bettor will stop betting ( to stop a loosing streak) until a seven is thrown and start again with a two unit bet.

Good luck!


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