Texas Holdem Poker

In Texas Holdem Poker, the casino’s dealer (as opposed to the player in the dealers position) deals each player a total of two cards face down. Cards are dealt clockwise around the table one card at a time starting with the first player on the dealers left.

texas holdem poker

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This position is marked with a button, which rotates around the table ahead of the “dealer's” position. The first player on the dealers left normally has to make a “blind” bet which is usually about ˝ the initial bet, e.g. $2 for the pretty standard low stakes game with the betting range of $5 to $10. Checking is not permitted in the first round.

texas holdem poker

The next player can call or raise the blind bet (usually $3 to bring it up to the $5 minimum standard bet) or fold. Subsequent players have the option of calling, raising (by the minimum bet which in this example is $5) or folding. Normally players are limited to a maximum of 5 raises in a round although some games limit the number to raises to 3. Occasionally the blind bettor will win the antes because no one else has called.

On completion of the first betting round, the dealer deals three cards face up in the centre of the table. This is called a “flop”. Each player uses these cards in conjunction with their two hole (face down) cards to form the best hand they can. The initial blind bettor starts this betting round or if that player has folded the first active player on the blind bettors left. For our $5 - $10 game the minimum bet for this round is $5 and bets and raises will be in $5 increments.

On completion of the betting, the dealer deals a 4th card face up on the center of the table. Players now have a total of six cards from which to form their best possible five card hand. Betting on this round which is called 4th Street begins in the same manner as the previous round. This time bets are in the upper limit, i.e. for our $5 to $10 game, the minimum bet is $10 and raises are in increments of $10. In this and the final round of betting (fifth Street) the first player in the betting round may check. In the unlikely event of al players checking, play moves to 5th Street. Once a player opens the betting all players (including those who have previously checked) must call or fold.

On completion of the betting round, the dealer deals a fifth face up card to the “flops” All remaining active players now have a total of 7 cards from which to create their best possible hand. Fifth Street is the final betting round.

By this stage the number of active players in the pot has diminished. Depending on the number of remaining players in the pot, there will be a show down and the player with the best hand wins the pot.

When only one active player remains at the end of 5th Street, that player scoops the pot.

For details of the ranking of hands check out poker and for places to play that definately pay your winnings promptly, check out our online poker rooms.

Good Luck!

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