Craps Table layout

looks identical at first glance on both ends. Careful inspection reveals that the order of the digits from 4 to 10 are reversed. The rest is normally identical. Craps table layout is virtually the same throughout the world but the odds for the bets may change from casino to casino.

If you look at our rough sketch of a craps table layout, you will see two lines close together and parallel to the edge of the table on the side where the two dealers stand. Each dealer will handle the money and betting on his / her end of the table. Bets in the form of chips can be placed between these lines. Whilst you can place many of the bets yourself, a place or free odds bet must be placed via the dealer. It is the dealer who is responsible for settling bets under the ever watchful eye of the boxman. He is the person sitting in the middle of the table between the two dealers usually with a huge stack of cash in front of him. On a busy night there may be two boxmen seated in the middle of the table each closely watching one dealer. Opposite the boxmen is a stickman.

craps table layout
The stickman's principal job is to look after the dice, make sure no one manages to substitute 'ring in' dice, that damaged dice are removed from play and after each roll of the dice, will announce the number thrown by the shooter and return the dice to the centre of the table. He is a bit of a chanticleer and a showman all in one. He also has to look after any bets made on the middle section of the table. If these bets are winners, he will direct the dealers to payout the bet and he gives the loosing bets to the boxman.

craps tables

The shooter is simply a fellow player who, for the time being, is throwing the dice. In the game of craps, there are rules covering the way the dice must be thrown - see craps for a brief description of this point.

Online  Craps games

For details of the available bets marked on the table, checkout craps bets wagers and terminology and craps basics.

The craps table is just a big table with a green felt top on which a grid has been neatly and sometimes artistically painted or printed. The table has walls about two feet (600 mm high) around it and these walls cause the dice to bounce off them. The players also lean on the top of the walls. These tables usually accommodate at least twelve and up to twenty-four players.


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