Slot playing strategies

Slot playing strategies are being offered for sale all over the internet. The bad news is that with the exception of a few of the progressive jackpot games, if you play a single coin game you will always loose because the prizes you win are too low to cover your accumulated losses.
The mechanical slot machines have been phased out in many parts of the world in favour of the electronic machines. All those old thumping, bumping, shaking and off balance tricks definitely do not work on the electronic machines.

slot playing strategies

The initial offers we received came from an Australian who appears to be selling his strategy on the basis of his exceptional number of big wins. Well, I know quite a few casino personnel and I have made discreet inquiries but none of my contacts have been able to identify any one who has had regular large wins. Australia has a very limited number of casinos and it is the general consensus that such a person would quickly become well known.
This alone does not mean that such claims are false, but we have quite a few shady characters promoting gambling schemes, particularly horse racing betting schemes. Australia has produced more than its fair share of dam good conmen!
Many slot machine players believe that there is a pattern to the frequency that slot machines pay out prizes. Their slot machine playing strategy is to increase their bets when they believe the machine is due to pay a prize and reduce the bet down to the minimum immediately following the receipt of a prize and then start increasing their bet when they think they are getting close to a prize again.

slot playing strategies

To determine if there is any substance in this belief, one would need to play the same machine for at least twenty-four hours, somehow record all aspects of play especially the frequency of prizes, amount and nature of prizes eg. paid on the horizontal line, the diagonal etc. without getting evicted. One would then have to do a full statistical analysis on the results whilst paying particular attention to the total number of plays, total number of prizes, for each combination the machine payed out on and the value of each prize relative to the amount wagered. One would need to be prepared to spend a substantial amount of time doing some heavy statistical analyses.

slot playing  strategies

In such an exercise, we are not looking at whether we won or lost but could we improve our results by formulating a strategy on the basis of the statistical analysis of the results produced by the machine. Is the frequency of say a diagonal payout such that we can predict its occurrence so as to take advantage of that frequency by increasing bets at the appropriate time. Would such a strategy increase our winnings or decrease our losses? Is there a pattern to the frequency to prizes in general such as every 3rd or 4th spin we at least get a baby prize. Does the machine ever pay two prizes in a row, if so what is the frequency.
If there is a fairly close pattern, we can increase our bets when a prize is due.
Another way that there is potential to be a regular slot machine winner is to select a game where the machine pays out different amounts for the same combination on the basis of the number of coins bet. If that difference is sufficiently large enough, then the smaller prizes will serve to extend your playing time and thereby increase your number of chances at that elusive big prize before you burn your bank.
The other favourite slot machine playing strategy is to locate the progressive jackpot machine displaying the highest jackpot. This is usually displayed on the top of the machine. Proponents of this strategy believe that the higher the jackpot, the closer they are to that elusive big prize. You can check the slot game offering the highest progressive jackpot from our JackPot Tickers Page. These figures are updated live from the casinos. Be warned, these dam things spawn heaps of pop ups which I cannot turn off as they are generated directly from the casinos along with the updated data!

Where you choose to play your slots is very important. Casinos that really push slots generally have a much higher payout percentage (about 98%) than casinos and clubs that only have a few of them.
When you hit a decent jackpot, don't forget our strategy for managing your bank and put a sizeable part of it a side to ensure that regardless of what follows, you go home a winner. If you fail to follow this basic strategy, them even the best slot playing strategy will be useless.

Good Luck!


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