Roulette Betting Options

fall into two main groups namely inside bets and outside bets.

The following Inside Bets or wages are also called combination bets.

Corner (also called a 4 number bet and a square bet) – a chip is placed on the intersecting lines in the middle of 4 numbers – Payout is 8:1. To view an example of this bet, click Roulette four number bet.

Five number bet – Covers numbers 0 to 3 i.e.00, 0, 1,2, 3 and pays 6 to 1 when one of the numbers come up. This bet is only available in U.S. Casinos and is placed on the edge of the grid separating the “0” and “00” row from the 1, 2, 3 row. - payout is 6:1 Click Roulette five number bet to view an example

Roulette betting options

The six no bet – you place your ships straddling the outside edge of the line separating the two rows of numbers you wish to cover. This one pays out at 5 to 1 if one of the numbers comes up. Click six number bet to view an example

Single number bet - place your chip within the lines of the square containing your chosen number - Payout is 35:1 when it comes up. Click single number bet

Split bet - place your chip on the line separating the two squares separating the numbers - payout is 17:1. Click split bet to view an example. In this example we have used two separate chips to illustrate two separate combinations i.e. one on a vertical line and one on a horizontal line.

Trio bet - three in a row on the grid. Your chip has to be placed straddling the line at the beginning of the row of numbers on the grid.- payout is 11:1 Click trio bet to view an example

Outside bets

Columns – Select one of the 3 columns of numbers that the ball may land on - Payout is 2:1. To view an example click column bet.

Dozen – the number one to thirty-six are divided into 3 groups of 12 (dozen) – Payout is only 2:1 - also called a column bet – chips are placed on the 2-1 box for the selected column. See column bet above for an example.

Even money odds bets i.e. 1:1

Bet or wager on the ball landing on

•  red or black

•  high or low numbers

•  odd or even numbers

Microgramings “Expert mode”allows you to save your successful bet layouts.

“0” slots are “green”

Wheels are numbered 1 to 36 with half the numbers on a black background and the balance on red, with the exception of the “0” and “00” (only in U.S. Casinos) which are always green.

The European wheel has 37 pockets cut into it and the U.S. wheel has 38 (36 numbers and “0” and “00”).

Each wheel has at least one or two layouts (betting grids) on the table associated with it and players place their bets in the appropriate place(s) on the layout .

roulette betting layout

Street Bet – An entire row of 3 numbers on the table. This one pays 11 to 1 when it props up. This is the same as the trio bet.

Straight up bet - this the same as the single number bet

Surrender – In the Atlantic City game, when the ball lands on “0” or double “00”, players who have made bets on any of the even money options loose only half their bet.

Elsewhere in the U.S. the casino automatically wins these bets.

The sdurrender bet was introduced because of player reluctance to embrace the U.S. version of roulette and to compensate for the increased house edge caused by the addition of the double “00” slot . The surrender bet reduces the house advantage from about 5% to 2.6%.

Partage – European approximation of the surrender bet but this has the effect in European games of reducing the house advantage to slightly less that 1.4% overall. In partage the player has the option to surrender half the amount wagered or leave the bet lie for the next spin. If the number comes up, the player chooses what to do with it afterwards.

Casino Roulette Chips - in most places in the world ordinary casino chips are used. In the U.S. special colour coded chips cater for up to ten players at a time at a single table.

Depending on the Casino, there can be one sole Croupier (dealer) and up to a team of six personnel working a busy table with 2 grids.

Outside of Europe, one Casino staff member usually handles all aspects of the game.

When all bets have been placed, the wheel is spun and the spinner ( tourneur) throws the small ball onto the wheel in the opposite direction to which it is spinning.

When the ball stops he calls out the result and places a marker on the winning number.

As is the usual practice, all loosing bets are collected first and then the winners are paid.


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