A poker comunity

now exists in virtually every large city in almost every country in the world.

Language has been no barrier to the phenomonal growth of this exhilirating game. Thanks to the World Series of Poker, huge prize pools, international television coverage and the online poker rooms, English language poker terms have become part of the global language of the poker playing community.

On this page you will find links to websites from around the world that are relevant to playing poker. Some will detail poker playing strategies, others poker history, others the professional players profiles. One thing is certain, all will have some tips that may help you improve your game and ultimately may help to make you a better player.

Others will have tips on where to find the poker tournaments where you stand a chance of winning a free seat to various poker competetions and ultimately a free seat to the World Series of Poker.

Enjoy and Good Luck!


Best Poker Sites Online poker community, forum, news and reviews from the world of poker

Site Url: http://www.pokerjunkie.com/poker-sites.php


Texas Hold'em poker Tips and advice on Texas Hold'em. Perfect for both new and advanced poker players.

Site Url: http://besttexasholdem.com/


Online video poker The basic guide for video poker. We supply you rules, strategy and a full video poker glossary.

Site Url: http://ca.videopokerguide.net/


Professional poker players in europe Poker Player Pro - All about professional poker players in Europe, Martin de Knijff, Mel Judah, Marcel Luske, inside poker tips and more

Site Url: http://www.pokerplayerpro.eu/


On-line Video Poker Lo último en Guía para Video Póquer donde usted aprenderá todo sobre el juego dorado

Site Url: http://es.videopokerguide.net/


online poker promotions Pokerpromotion.com offers free poker supplies, great free rolls and high value bonuses.

Site Url: http://www.pokerpromotion.com


Texas Holdem Online A detailed comparison of all Texas Holdem online poker rooms on a number of relevant features.

Site Url: http://www.texas-holdem-online.info/


online poker promotions Pokerpromotion.com offers free poker supplies, great free rolls and high value bonuses.

Site Url: http://www.pokerpromotion.com


Top Poker Guide Le guide complet de toutes les formes du poker.

Site Url: http://fr.toppokerguide.com


Pokertips poker på nettet The very best advice on how to play Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em in Norwegian language.

Site Url: http://www.holdem-online.net


Absolute Poker Rakeback Taketherakeback.com offers speedy service and top notch rakeback percentages.

Site Url: http://www.taketherakeback.com/absolute-poker-rakeback.php


poker topten This is a site with the largest online poker rooms with complete reviews.

Site Url: http://www.pokertop10.net/


Texas Holdem Online A detailed comparison of all Texas Holdem online poker rooms on a number of relevant features.

Site Url: http://www.texas-holdem-online.info/


Texas Holdem Poker tips om Online Poker te spelen

Site Url: http://nl.holdem-online.net/


Pokerregler Pokerregler for begynnere

Site Url: http://no.rules-poker.net


Poker Rakeback Get the Best Bodog Rakeback and More

Site Url: http://www.taketherakeback.com/


Trucs et astuces pour jouer au poker en ligne The very best advice on how to play Fixed Limit Texas

Site Url: http://fr.holdem-online.net/


WSOP 2006 You can get detailed information of all the satellites  and special offers that will get you into the biggest of poker  tournaments without having to pay the massive $10,000 entry fee.

Site Url: http://www.wsop2006.com/


Poker Regels Poker regels voor beginnende spelers

Site Url: http://nl.rules-poker.net/


Online Video Poker The ultimate guide for Video Poker.

Site Url: http://videopokerguide.net/


Poker Bluff Expert

Site Url: http://www.pokerbluffexpert.eu


Texas Holdem strategy guide An in-depth Texas Holdem strategy guide

Site Url: http://www.texasholdem-guide.org


Poker room Bonus Find out all about Online Poker Bonus here

Site Url: http://pokerroombonus.net


Playing at multiple poker tables

Site Url: http://www.guidepoker.com/playing-at-multiple-tables.php


Poker Terms PortalPoker.com is a rapidly growing poker guide with its ever-expanding online poker directory.

Site Url: http://www.portalpoker.com/poker-terms.htm


Selecting a poker table Advanced poker strategy resource providing poker tells, pot odds and money management.

Site Url: http://www.bestpokerstrategy.org/selecting-a-table.php


poker book PokerShopping.com offers you the best quality poker supplies to the lowest prices.

Site Url: http://www.pokershopping.com/books_sc117.html


Pokerregler for begyndere for Texas Hold'em This site is intended to teach beginners how to play the four most popular poker games; Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha high/low and Seven Card Stud.

Site Url: http://www.dk.rules-poker.net


Online poker site Online forum and guide to the best poker sites This above site has loads of news about poker news, tournaments, articles, reviews and forum………

Site Url: http://www.pokerjunkie.com/online-poker-site.php


Texas Holdem Starting Hands Articles and advices on Texas Holdem for both beginners and advanced players to become a better online poker player.

Site Url: http://holdem-online.net/texas-holdem-starting-hands.php


Texas Holdem Oracle Get to know not only how to master the game Texas Holdem but also the news on world wide tournaments, views and reviews from all across the globe.

Site Url: http://www.texasholdemoracle.eu


Texas Holdem This site offers you in-depth advice for playing optimal Texas Holdem.

Site Url: http://www.toptexasholdem.com


omaha rules Learn how to play poker, learn online poker, online poker rooms

Site Url: http://www.pokerroomsonline.com/omaha-rules.php


how to play poker Improve your online poker with PokerABCs.com

Site Url: http://www.pokerabcs.com/


seven card stud This site gives you in-depth advice for playing both optimal 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud High-Low

Site Url: http://www.topstudpoker.com/



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