Macca's Best Casino Deals

The boss has been a bit cranky of late. He thinks I spend too much time sitting on my butt and too little time doing something constructive. He 's ordered me to get off my butt and round up some new players. So if you have no intention of spending any money, get down to the free casino, sign in and enjoy yourself. Since the boss ain't real bright, he'll be chuffed about the number of new players I have found for him!

We have so many great casino deals this month that I couldn't show them all on this page because of page load time constraints. So I got out my favourite ball and the boss put the name of each casino on a piece of card and I rolled my ball around. The name of each casino the ball rolled over got added to the list for April.

Want to see some more photos of me looking cute?

Best Deals for the Social Player

Best High Roller Deals

Casino Classic - Best casino new player offerThe deals at Casino Classic are so good, it will appeal to both the social player and the high roller. Where else can you get to play for an hour without risking a cent of your own money and the chance to end up winning a bundle.

This may be the highest new player bonus available anywhere on the net.

new player bonusThe best part about this deal is that you do not have to make one huge deposit to take advantage of it and City Club is a well established and reputable casino that provides excellent customer service and fast payouts.

This casino has decided not accept any new clients from the U.S. following the introduction of the latest online gambling surpression legislation.

Golden Tiger CasinoThis is the bosses very favourite online casino. What more can I say!

Blackjack Ball Room CasinoThe Blackjack Ball Room Casino has consistantly offered 40% matching sign up bonus on your first purchase of between $20 and $1000. This high sign in bonus is intended to attract high roller players. Social Players are also welcome but at present the deals listed in the first column are more attractive for the social or occassional player.

The BlackJackBallRoom is one of the older online casinos and it has an excellent reputation for online customer service and prompt payouts.

Strik It Lucky Flash CasinoThis Flash casino has been completely revamped and is relaunching so why not grab the free $20 . You could just be one of the lucky ones who will win a sizeable bundle without spending a cent of your own!

Play for free CasinoNot Ready to play for real yet? Need to hone your gaming skills? Feeling a little skint but need somewhere to play? Why not check out the play for Free Casino. They have a good selection of real free casino games.

bingo A brand new bingo parlor so why not take advantage of this great new player offer?

Fantasy Bingo is part of the same group as the City Club Casino which has an excellent reputation for good customer service and quick payouts so we expect this bingo parlor will provide the same excellent customer service.




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We do not promote gambling in jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited by law. It is your responsibility to comply with the local laws of the jurisdiction in which you live. If you feel compelled to gamble, it is time to contact gamblers anonymous.


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